Short Sales

A short sale is a way to avoid foreclosure, which can seriously damage your credit.  In a short sale, the seller arranges with their mortgage lender to accept a price that’s less than the amount they owe on the property.  As part of the arrangement, the lender typically agrees to forgive the remaining amount of the loan.  In the end, the homeowner will be able to get out from under their loan, the buyer will get a good price, and the mortgage lender won’t own the property.

To be eligible for a short sale, most homeowners need to be significantly behind on their payments and have received a default notice.

Most people are well aware that buying a foreclosed home offers a chance to get a great deal on real estate, but they forget that there are short sale properties available, too. There are a lot of details involved in beginning a short sale, and the lender must approve the sale of the home for the short sale price. In the end, however, buyers can benefit greatly from purchasing a short sale home.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nashville short sale properties, the Anderson Group can help you. We’re aware of all short sale and foreclosure properties in the city and surrounding area. No matter what you’re looking for, there will be real estate that fits your needs. We can send you lists daily of homes that are being sold at heavily discounted prices. Simply contact us right away, and we’ll begin seeking out your next home or investment property.

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